100 years

NISSKA - Läsuekamm und Nissenkamm

Manufactured in Germany - since 1919

The effective lice and nit comb

Bye bye head lice

With the NISSKA®  lice and nit comb

You don’t have to feel ashamed because of head lice. Everyone can get lice, even today. It is important to get rid of the annoying bloodsuckers as quickly as possible.  


The well-proven solution is the effective NISSKA® lice and nit comb and that for 100 years now.

Proven and easy to handle

The comb, which removes lice and nits effectively

Environmentally friendly 

Wet combing without chemical pesticides.

One-time purchase

Reusable as often as required.
Suitable for all hair types.

All-metal comb

Stainless and stable.

Rounded steel teeth

To protect the scalp.

Reliable against nits

Steel teeth spacing smaller than 0,15 mm.

Easy disinfection

In boiling water.

Hygienic storage

In recloseable cardboard packaging.

Available outside Germany

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Learn how to use the NISSKA® lice and nit comb

Short instruction


Moisten hair

Generously apply a conditioner and comb the hair thoroughly with a styling comb. 


Comb the hair

Position the nit comb directly on the scalp and comb through strand by strand.


Clean the comb

Regularly wipe the NISSKA® comb on a towel or clean the comb with a hand brush under running water.


Repeat treatment

In particular behind the ears, the nape of the neck and the hairline. Then rinse the hair with water.


  • Do not waste time, because head lice multiply quickly.
  • Successful treatment requires time and patience. The Robert Koch Institute recommends a treatment every four days and a follow-up on the 17th day.
  • A transmission of lice through bedding, clothes and soft toys is highly improbable, because head lice crawl from head to head through direct contact. In order to exclude any risk of infection, it is sufficient to store the laundry and toys inaccessible for 3 days, because head lice cannot survive without their host for more than 2 days.
  • Inform all persons, which had contact in the recent weeks and the kindergarten or school to avoid the spread of head lice and your own reinfection.


  • Use the NISSKA® comb with great caution! 
  • Due to the narrow spacing of the teeth, hair may fall out during combing. 
  • In case of head rash or lesions consult a doctor before use. 
  • If necessary, place the NISSKA® comb 1 minute in boiling water for disinfection.
  • Keep the NISSKA® comb out of reach of children. It should only be used on humans for its intended purpose.

Made in Germany - since 1919

The company

For 100 years the NISSKA® lice and nit comb is internationally successful. As effective tool to remove lice and nits it was awarded with a gold medal at the great exhibition for health care, social welfare and physical exercise in Düsseldorf 1926.


The NISSKA® was invented in 1919 by Fritz Bernhard Mückenhaupt. As professional hairdresser with his own salon in Nuremberg, he knew that it is not enough to comb out head lice, but that the lice eggs, which stick to the hair, must also be removed. After many trials he constructed an all-metal comb with narrowly spaced, oval teeth. This invention was patented in the same year and the still existing traditional company was established in 1920.


The German family-owned company is managed by the great-grandchildren in the third generation. In the meantime, the company registered office is located in Schwarzenbruck near Nuremberg.

100 years NISSKA® - successful and reliable

Some figures about us



...we currently export to.


Million steel teeth

...do we need to produce the lice comb each year.


Tons of brass

...we have processed since the foundation in 1919.


German companies

...are involved in the production and metal finishing.

You can reach us


Fritz B. Mueckenhaupt Erben OHG

Robert-Bosch-Str. 15
D-90592 Schwarzenbruck

Phone:  +49 9128 92276-1
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